2018 Roads to Freedom Unconvention

Bring your innovative ideas and open minds to Omaha, prepare to think outside-the-box and hang on for a wild exciting ride.

Founder of Black Brick Software

David studied Mathematics and Physics at the University of Nebraska at Kearney, but his true passion lies with software development. David excels at the technical logistics. He can take large problems and break them down into their constituent parts. From this, he then has the skill to build robust software solutions. If you've got a project that seems too daunting for the common fair-weather developer, look no further than David.

David also likes to play with his tractor on the weekend.

Founder of Cutthroat Print

Cutthroat Print was founded in Omaha in 2013, and offers a variety of low-cost and high-quality printing options to customers around the world. Jeremy is a lifelong Nebraskan originally from York, Nebraska, and brings the main technical, and artistic , and operational day-to-day skill to Cutthroat Print. Jeremy assists with one-to-one customer strategy and suggesting money-saving development ideas as well as pre-press image formatting ensuring that all of our print jobs are printed properly and are the best they can be.

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