2018 Omaha Roads To Freedom Unconvention Speakers

Dr. Lee Hieb grew up in Iowa where she went on housecalls with her father.  She is an Orthopaedic Surgeon and was never involved in politics until starting her private solo practice and being steamrolled by Medicare and other government schemes.  Since then she has published numerous articles in Human Events and World Net Daily, making the case for private free market medicine. 

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She has been a featured speaker at the Values Conference at Colorado Christian College, and at Omtec in Chicago--where she explained to the worlds largest meeting of Orthopaedic manufacturers that they were living in a fascist economy.

She is past president of the Association of American Physicians and Surgeons, has served on the board of the Arizona Medical Board has been a long time Libertarian. She appeared twice on the John Stossel Program and in 2014 she was the Iowa Libertarian gubernatorial candidate.  She still has regular radio spots around the state as a result.  Dr. Hieb is the proud parent of two boys who survived home schooling to become a Surgeon and Electrical Engineer.  She lives with her Libertarian husband Michael, and enjoys the small town virtues of gardening and raising chickens.