2018 Omaha Roads To Freedom UnConvention Entertainment

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Two of Us brings together a pair of top-notch singers whose passion for the music of The Beatles, and for the Lennon & McCartney singing and writing partnership, in particular, shines through in their performances.

Drew Harrison, singer-songwriter and leader of the premier San Francisco area Beatles tribute band, The Sun Kings, lends the uncanny vocals that have earned him critical acclaim as one of the best John Lennon interpreters in the world, capturing not only the sound, but the nuance and emotion rarely achieved by others, and without mimicry. A musician since he was 15, he also authentically conveys the detail, sound and spirit of Lennon's rhythm guitar playing, so important to the Beatles' overall sound, and has an effusive and genuine enthusiasm for the music and for performing, and an ability to move people through song that has led him to great success, not only in The Beatles arena, but with his own music as well.

The clear voice of James Funk is likewise eerily like the man whose songs he sings in Two of Us. Like Drew, a fan of The Beatles since he was a child (favoring Paul McCartney and always playing his tennis racket, aka his “guitar,” left-handed), he's been singing and playing the music since he was a teen, though by then on a real guitar. As a high school sophomore, Jim’s dreams of becoming a hockey pro were suddenly exchanged for a life in music after an impromptu a cappella sing-along of Beatles songs with some new (& drunken) friends one night in a frozen field accidentally informed him that he could sing better than he could skate. This led to learning that he could also write songs, eventually becoming a songwriter for Virgin Music, and now with a big catalog of his own songs inspired greatly by the Lennon & McCartney model.

Two presents a show of your favorite Lennon & McCartney songs performed acoustically, and their unparalleled blend of voices will amaze you. This is a must-not-miss!


The Omaha Guitar Trio was founded at the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2010. All graduates from UNO as classical performance and education majors, OGT is passionate about raising a literate, open-minded generation of young guitarists. Instructing at private studios, music shops, and at the Omaha Conservatory of Music, OGT teaches master-classes and educational presentations, along with recording, performing, and composing their own songs and transcriptions.

Featuring Max, Meyer, Kevin Sullivan, and Andrew Stickman, OGT presents devotion to classical technique and contemporary guitar styles, sonically colorized with lush musical landscapes ranging from Midwestern farmlands to the driest Spanish desert.

Since their debut, OGT has performed regionally and in the Pacific Northwest, their own renditions of popular music and original compositions in public, private, recital, concert, and salon settings. In the past several years, OGT has been nominated for an Omaha Art & Entertainment Award in an assortment of categories, winning Best Jazz on two occasions!!
OGT’s music is available on iTunes, Amazon, Google Play, YouTube, Facebook, Spotify, other streaming services, and OmahaGuitarTrio.com!

Abney Park is a steampunk band based in Seattle that mixes elements of industrial dance, world music, and steampunk-influenced lyrics in their work. Their name comes from Abney Park Cemetery in London. Formerly a goth band, Abney Park has transformed their look and sound and has been called the "quintessential" spokespeople of steampunk culture.

Now sometimes called the "quintessential" steampunk band, Abney Park has been featured in major news media and interviewed by several genre magazines and websites, and has been highlighted on MTV and G4TV as primary examples of the steampunk musical scene.

Abney Park has performed at numerous festivals, including World Steam Expo, Dragon*Con, WGW, Utah Dark Arts, Bats Day, Convergence, Ravenwood Festival, Masque and Veil, Queen Mary Pyrate Daze, the Bay Area Maker Faire, Steamcon and Wild Wild West Steampunk Convention. They have also been seen twice at the Grand Canadian Steampunk Exposition in Ontario Canada. Their music has also been featured in many compilation CDs, including Gilded Age Records' An Age Remembered: A Steampunk and Neo-Victorian Mix, Cleopatra Records' The Unquiet Grave vol. III, Sepiachord's A Sepiachord Companion, BLC Productions' Annihilation and Seduction, Squish Me Down Records' Eighteen (Eighteen NW Bands Benefit CD)

Their music has also appeared in several movie soundtracks, including Insomnis Amour, Goth, and Lord of the Vampires. Their song "Sleep Isabella" was used in a scene in the HBO series True Blood.