2018 Omaha Roads To Freedom Unconvention's Agenda

Bring your innovative ideas and open minds to Omaha, prepare to think outside-the-box and hang on for a wild exciting ride.



· Thursday evening 6:00 social-hour meet-and-greet highlighted by a high-profile keynote speaker and concert in the main ballroom.

· Friday 8:00 to 5:00 full schedule of Ballroom Track speakers and three breakout tracks highlighted by Michael Pickens half-day workshop dedicated to Libertarian leadership and candidate recruiting, training and support

· Friday evening social-hour meet-and-greet, including get-acquainted keynote speech by Russian defector Dr. Yuri Maltsev followed by the choice between a concert in the main ballroom, and breakout story-telling by Dr. Maltsev. Yuri is a masterful story teller with a wealth of knowledge and anecdotes about being part of Gorbachev’s Perestroika economic team, his inspiring defection, debriefing by Dick Cheney, and many, many other fascinating stories. Yuri’s byline is “I’m too old to defect again.”

· Saturday 8:00 to 5:00 full schedule of Ballroom Track speakers and three breakout tracks plus the Family Fun Track that is guaranteed to entertain the entire family

· Saturday evening plated banquet, ‘An evening with Dr. Ron Paul’, a VIP meet-and-greet with Dr. Paul followed by a concert featuring The Two of Us, renowned for their accurate artistic renditions of Beatles favorites

· Sunday 8:00 to 5:00 full schedule of Ballroom Track speakers and three breakout tracks plus the Family Fun Track. Doctoral candidate Nick Wolff will lead a game program using his Austrian Economics ‘Mogul’ game.

· Sunday evening grand finale ‘Speakeasy/Steampunk’ costume ball with hors d’oeuvres, a keynote speech, and an Abney Park steampunk concert as the backdrop for the inaugural Nolan Libertarian Leadership Academy Awards hosted by Michael Pickens and the Libertarian Leadership Academy

Master of Ceremonies:

· MC - Scott Zimmerman (LPNE Chair)

· Assistant MC - Michael Knebel (LPNE District 1 Coordinator)

· Co-emcee – Larry Sharpe (2018 NY Governor Candidate)

· Co-emcee – Dr. Mary Ruwart (former LP Presidential Candidate)

· Co-emcee – Carla Howell (former LP Political Director – TBD)

· Co-emcee – Dr. Lee Hieb-Merritt (Spinal Trauma Surgeon, Author ‘Surviving the Coming Medical Meltdown’ - TBD)

Ballroom Track keynote speakers:

· Dr. Ron Paul (Saturday evening)

· Nick Sarwark

· Larry Sharpe

· Dr. Mary Ruwart

· Dr. Yuri Maltsev

· Dr. Kyle Varner

· Carla Howell

· Dr. Lee Hieb Merritt

· Michael Pickens

· Austin Petersen

· Darryl Perry

· Joshua Smith

· Robin Koerner

· Adam Kokesh

· Alex Merced

· Steve Scheetz

· Lauren Daugherty

The UnConvention is pleased to offer two full days of fun for the entire family including entertainment for children:

Younger kids:

· Group entertainment/performers

· Breakout stations, with time to participate in each

· Group exercise

· Small group project with two levels of skill

· One or two-day game play (your choice!) for the older kids

· A fun picnic lunch (provided) one day

· A quiet, private area: for diaper changes, breastfeeding moms, and kids

Older kids (and parents too):

· Doctoral candidate Nick Wolff presents Mogul, a role-playing game where learning about running a business becomes a fun, fascinating and engrossing endeavor

· This game play can be played in increments at your leisure or for the entirety of both days

· Led by an instructor with helpers in case players run have questions or need assistance

Three simultaneous breakout tracks 8:00-5:00 Friday, Saturday and Sunday:

Sub breakout tracks varying from a single workshop to half-day and full-day:

· Libertarian Leadership/Candidate Support: Michael Pickens, Carla Howell

· Governance: Joshua Katz, Richard Brown, Caryn Ann Harlos, Tyler Danke & wife, David Pratt Demarest, Larry Bradley

· Health Care: Dr. Mary Ruwart, Dr. Kyle Varner, Dr. Lee Hieb-Merritt

· Messaging: Larry Sharpe

· Education: Scott Zimmerman

· Debate: Robin Koerner, Adam Kokesh

· Entrepreneur: Daryl Perry,

· Crypto: Steven Nekhaila,

· Financial: Jack Heidel

· Build LP: Lauren Daugherty, Darryl Perry, Steve Kerbel, Dr. Ruwart, Carla Howell, Michael Cloud

· Build Bottom-up: Starchild

· Build Foundation: Joe Hawk, Heather Larson, Erin Adams

· Event-Hosting: Sean O’Toole,

· Fund-Raising: Lauren Daugherty

· Volunteerism: Starchild, Steven Nekhaila,

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